World Trade Center Riverside View

Melbourne’s History with the River

 Around the world the relationship of cities with the river and the sea has been a key part of their history, culture and development. In Melbourne the World Trade Centre and WTC wharf precinct has a unique place in Victoria’s history, as it is believed to be close to the original landing place of John Batman, when he discovered Melbourne in 1835, and suggested that this spot would be a good location for a village.

With a history that is rich in terms of Melbourne’s development the current WTC wharf development is now a key linkage point between the city, Central Business District, South Wharf, and Docklands.

With a location that is become an interesting connection point for the operation of water taxis the precinct is well placed to take advantage of new transport options in the future, as well as being strategically well located to major arterial freeways to the north and south of the city. Trains and trams are within walking distance and its connectivity to the eclectic suburbs of South and Port Melbourne makes it an attractive meeting place for tourists, and workers alike.