Where is the WTC Wharf Outdoor Cinema?
The Outdoor Cinema is located at 18-38 Siddeley Street, Melbourne outside of The Wharf Hotel and Kobe Jones. Follow the signs to the right location.
Where can I park?
The WTC Wharf carpark is located on the Corner of Siddeley Street and Flinders Street, Docklands (enter via Siddeley Street)
Greenco Parking 18-38 Siddeley Street, Melbourne. To view parking rates and details click here.
How do I get there via public transport?
  • Bus: Route 235 / 237 / 238, Via Spencer St / Whiteman St / Williamstown Road
  • Trams: Route 248 / 70 / 75 / 96 / 109 / 112 via Spencer St, City Circle
  • Trains: Flinders St Station, Southern Cross Station
How many seats does the Outdoor Cinema hold?
The WTC Wharf Outdoor Cinema can accommodate a total of 60 patrons per night.
What time will the movie start?
Screenings will start at sundown approximately after 8:30pm
What do I do when I get there?
Please present your tickets to the cinema staff 30 minutes before the movie starts.
Can I bring food and drinks to the WTC Wharf Outdoor Cinema?
You are allowed to bring your own snacks and non-alcoholic drinks to the cinema.
What are the seating arrangements?
  • Seating at the WTC Wharf Outdoor Cinema is General Admission, so it’s first in best dressed. The seats available will be comfortable chairs and limited beanbags.
  • If you are in a wheelchair, please see our cinema staff on arrival for their assistance.
Is the Outdoor Cinema wheelchair accessible?
Yes, the WTC Wharf Outdoor Cinema is accessible to wheelchair patrons. Please contact the cinema staff on the day to discuss any seating arrangements.
Which movies are showing at the Cinema?
To view session times and movie details click here.
What are the movies rated?
All movies are rated between G and MA(15+). Ratings are advised in the description of each movie in our movie listing here.
What should I wear/bring?
  • Our WTC Wharf Outdoor Cinema is running during the summer months but once the sun goes down it can get a little chilly. We would recommend bringing extra layers or a blanket to have a cosy night.
  • We will have a number of limited blankets available each night.
How do the headphones work?
  • Each patron is provided with a set of High Quality Stereo Wireless Headphones. Every headset is equipped with its own volume control dial so patrons can alter their volume to their liking.
  • The headphones can only be used with our equipment and are programmed to receive a UHF frequency from our transmitter located in the Cinema. Patrons are reminded to ensure they are on the correct channel (e.g. Blue) and that their volume control is turned up.
  • At the end of the film, patrons return the wireless headphones to the Cinema desk.
  • Please note that patrons are required to deposit a photo ID for security purposes. Your photo ID will be handed back once the headphones are returned to the Cinema desk. If you do not have a photo ID, credit card will be sufficient.
What can’t I bring on the day?
  • Filming equipment
  • Recording equipment
  • Alcoholic beverages
Can I smoke?
You are not allowed to smoke while seated on the chairs. Any person wishing to smoke will have to do so from the designated smoking area.
How much are tickets to the WTC Wharf Outdoor Cinema?
  • Tickets to our Outdoor Cinema are FREE!
How do I book?
  • Bookings can be made online. Simply select the desired movie and date and we will save you a seat.
Is there any food available at the cinema?
  • Our booking system lets you book a dinner reservation at any of our Riverside restaurants. All reservations will be made for 6:00pm
  • The Wharf Hotel is packed with all the pub classics – pizzas, burgers, fish & chips, parmas and a range of sharing plates. View The Wharf Hotel’s menu here, and their drinks menu here.
  • Byblos Bar and Restaurant combines imaginative Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine with lavish hospitality, and a world-class drink selection. View Byblos’ dinner menu here and drinks menu here.
  • Man Mo is a candle-lit temple style restaurant offering dining with both traditional and modern dishes inspired from the cooking styles of the chinese cultures. View Man Mo’s dinner menu here, and Man Mo’s drinks menu here.
  • Kobe Jones’ food is designed to bring the simplicity and beauty of Japanese cooking and meld it with nuances and surprising flavours of the west. Kobe’s Menu is in sections – rolls, tobanyaki, signature dishes, small plates, large plates, tempura, hot ricks, sushi and sashimi.

For any dietary requirements please contact the restaurants directly.

Can I purchase a ticket and not dine at the restaurants?
Of course! Just make sure you arrive at the cinema with plenty of time before the movie starts at 8:30pm.
Are tickets available at the door?
Tickets are available at the door subject to availability. To avoid disappointment we recommend reserving your ticket online for FREE.
What is the WTC Wharf Outdoor Cinema’s cancellation policy?
If you wish to cancel your meal reservation please contact us via email mywtc@wtcmelbourne.com.au or phone (03) 8548 5750.  
What if it rains?
  • The WTC Wharf Outdoor Cinema has partial cover so if it is a intermittent/potential rain we will not cancel the screening.
    We recommend bringing wet weather gear in case of rain.
  • Movie screenings will only be cancelled if the weather poses a safety threat to patrons and staff.
  • We try and contact all patrons as early as possible if the movie will be cancelled.
  • In the event that a session needs to be cancelled patrons will receive an email, the website will be updated and there will be a notification on facebook.